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Omni Directional RV TV Antenna

Finally, a way has been created for you to rid yourself of the hassles of maneuvering, manipulating, and forgetting about your TV antenna. With the new JENSEN ANHD20 low-profile, aerodynamic TV antenna, these frustrations can be eliminated!

Price: 159.99
Features for the Omni Directional RV TV Antenna
The ANHD20 is unlike anything you have seen to date. The Omi-Directional Antenna only stands 10" high and has a true 360 degree omni-directional design that does not demand any aiming, cranking, or adjusting. It also offers an ultra wide-band terrestrial reception (including local stations) for an all-media-in-one installation and requires only a single coax connection for both radio and TV use. In addition, the ANHD20 is stationary so it doesn't have to be put down when not in use! The antenna is conveniently controlled inside with a wallplate switch that fits all standard wall plate electrical boxes and cutouts.

ANHD20 Omni Directional Antenna Features:
- HDTV (ATSC) Compliant
- True Omni-Directional design means no aiming or adjusting
- Ultra wide band terrestrial reception for all-in-one installation & use
- Single coax connection for Radio and TV
- Low profile aerodynamic housing
- Fast and easy installation with minimal hardware
- UV-Resistant housing prevents fading from the Sun
- Corrosion-resistant materials and hardware
- Patents pending
- Includes ANWP12V Wall Plate with three position switch & 12 Volt recept

ANHD20RTL12 Package Includes:
- ANHD20 - Omni Directional Antenna
- ANWP12V - Wall Plate with three position switch and 12 Volt Recept
- AN3FM - 7 AM/FM Radio Adapter
- ANHDWKIT - Retrofit Kit for replacement of crank-style Antenna
- 12ft. Coax Cable
- Mounting Hardware & Installation Instructions
NOTE: Watertight Roof Sealant Required but NOT Included.

Installation Instructions:

NOTE: It is recommended that this antenna is installed by a dealer service
center or installation professional.
- This antenna requires 12 Volt DC Power (must be applied at
  wall plate assembly)
- NOTE: 16AWG power & ground wire is recommended with
  Insulated 1/4" Female Terminals
- Tools & Supplies (not included):   
     Drill  & properly sized drill bits        
     Sealant (outdoor, non-hardening type)   
     Coaxial cable (length dependent on installation) and
       appropriate Cable Connectors     
     NOTE: RG-6U  Coax Cable is recommended  for optimal performance

Review ANHD20 Installation Manual for more details.

Product #: ANHD20RTL12 
SALE PRICE $159.99
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